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It's spring break, and 14-year-old Hannah Anderson is spending it with the "Coast-is-Clear" program, helping to clean Pacific Rim National Park Reserve's beaches of debris that has drifted across the Pacific from the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

Soon after Hannah arrives, Jack, her raven sidekick, discovers something strange washed up in the surf: a luminous glass ball marked with a strange Japanese character. Immediately, unusual things start to happen, beginning with the arrival of Kimiko, a Japanese girl with a secret past. 

Kimiko, it turns out, is part spirit fox (kitsune) and is here to reclaim the source of her power - the glass star ball she lost in the tsunami. Even with this, Kimiko's magic is dangerous and unpredictable, and hiding her true identity proves a challenge.

But Hannah knows the truth, and with the help of Jack and a mysterious wolf waiting in the forest's shadows, she is determined to help Kimiko find her place in the world.


“Fans of the earlier books will appreciate spending more time with the smart, spunky Hannah who becomes a stronger heroine with every installment. . . Recommended.”
Kris Rothstein, CM Magazine

“Everything Hannah feels and does is embedded in caring and concern and she is a totally believable character. She wants to be good and do good but is still human with her distress, frustration, suspicion, worry and anger. But by tying in elements of Japanese folklore, specifically the kitsune and Okami, Carol Anne Shaw makes Hannah and the Wild Woods into a bigger story of finding oneself and one’s family and accepting mistakes as learning steps.”
Helen K, CanLit for Little Canadians

“Carol Anne Shaw successfully blends fantasy and reality in a compelling narrative."

--Eric Wilson, author of Murder on the Canadian, and other books

"Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Hannah and her raven friend, Jack, on another gripping adventure."

-- Kristin Butcher, author of In Search of Sam

"Hannah is an appealing character that the reader can empathize with and keeps you involved in her story as she comes to terms with the various facets of life as her story unfolds. E for excellent.”
Emma-Leigh Mitchell, Resource Links

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