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The second volume of the "Hannah" series sees Hannah at the start of the holidays looking forward to lazy summer days in Cowichan Bay with her boyfriend, Max.

But almost immediately things start to go wrong. Izzy Tate, a bad-tempered girl, arrives along with her problems concerning her First Nations background.

Hannah's raven Jack - a trickster figure - keeps bringing her strange "gifts" that suggest poachers may be operating in the area. A nest of eaglets needs protection, and out in the bay, the decrepit Orca 1 has become the focus of clandestine night-time activity. 

When a grisly discovering is made in nearby woods, Hannah, Max and Izzy join forces to plan a dangerous night-time paddle in order to solve the mystery.

Filled with adventure, Hannah & the Salish Sea is the story of three teens, determined to act honourably on behalf of animals everywhere.

Chocolate Lily Award shortlisted

BC Books for BC Schools, 2013-2014 selection

Best Books for Kids & Teens selection

“Carol Anne Shaw provides young teen protagonists with contexts for their own parent and family issues, first attractions, peer pressures, jealousies, trust, and reactivity while learning to be themselves, not what others want them to be. . . . Within the framework of a gloriously natural setting, a First Nations history, and contemporary environmental issues, Hannah and the Salish Sea is sure to draw new readership from those who don’t want to relive too much angst in their books.”
—CanLit for Little Canadians

“A delightful evocation of West Coast island life, complete with poachers, grow-ops, First Nations legends and two adventurous and confused fourteen-year-olds.”
—John Wilson, Bestselling Canadian author

“Hannah & the Salish Sea pits three spirited teenagers against a gang of unsavory poachers and pot-growers. A quintessential west coast adventure story that’s part page-turner, part budding romance, and part homage to the traditional stories of the Cowichan First Peoples.”
Nikki Tate, Bestselling Canadian author

“The story has many diverse plot threads, and though the novel connects back to the first book, it stands up well as a read alone.”
Kristin Butcher, Bestselling Canadian author

“This is a fun story with thoughtful and educational elements which are subtly woven into the narrative.”
Kris Rothstein, CM Magazine

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