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The Birth of the Booth

It's tiny (4.4' x 2.7') but it's quiet and lovely (and has twinkly purple lights inside it).

I put it together back in April, and it really was a labour of love. 

It started with me wandering around the house, seeking out a potentially quiet spot in which to record. I'm lucky--we live on 2 acres in a very quiet rural area, so we're not bothered by a lot of traffic and such. Still, my husband runs a lot of power tools in his outdoor studio, and the dog likes to bark at rabbits, so, you know...

I decided on the space behind the bedroom door. It had been filled with "junk" for a good couple of years, and, if nothing else, a booth would mean I'd have to clean it out. 

So, I did. And, voila! Add in some acoustic foam tiles (dead cheap from Amazon), some twinkly lights, a bar stool and a tiny table, and I was in business!

One day I'll have a proper recording "Tardis," but for now, this is just fine. 



When I had ten audiobooks to my name, my husband, Richard, built me this wonderful vocal booth. It's fantastic, quiet, and my current home away from home.

I love that my desk (AKA office) sits right outside, along with my ancient stationary bike (great for booth breaks!).

So, I'm all set up. #Gratitude

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