The rules are simple when you live the way Eddie and his sister, Maya, do: lay low, trust no one, and make sure you have plenty of duct tape on hand. But Maya is growing up fast. She’s forgetting how to play the game and Eddie is finding it harder and harder to keep them both safe from the outside world.

When their lives become suddenly complicated through a mistake Maya makes, Eddie begins to lose his composure. And why wouldn’t he? He hasn’t had time to address his own emotional scars. He’s been too busy looking out for his sister. But even in the worst of times, even when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, there is always hope.

Told in the third person, present tense, along with first-person excerpts from the pages of Eddie’s sketchbook/journal, THE PICASSO PROJECT is a novel about strength and courage, and what can happen when you finally own your past, let it go and open yourself up to possibility.