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I'm very excited about the June 15th release of The Peculiar Language of Llamas, my latest book for young adults. You can pre-order the eBook now on Amazon for $2.50 CDN ($1.99 US). That's pretty reasonable. I bet you have that much change hiding under your couch cushions.

Stay tuned for the chance to win some very cool llama swag, I hope this story (and the swag) brings you a smile. Here's the book blurb:


FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Myles Cook is having a rough time. Not only has his mother run off with Jocelyn, her yoga instructor, but Myles and his dad are starting over--they have moved to a tiny rural island on BC's west coast to live in a log cabin.

Garcia Island is nothing like Myles' old home in the city; there are no stores, the WiFi is sketchy, and let's face it, the people are strange. There's Clyde, the old guy in the silver airstream trailer who carves erotic demon sculptures from wood, and Daisy Archibald, the island coven's high priestess (whom Myles secretly believes is a hack). There's Axel Jespersen—a recumbent cyclist and angora goat farmer who is just plain nasty! And finally, there is Norm next door, a man who teaches Myles a little about llamas and a lot about life.

Factor in a taxidermy raccoon (with superpowers), a first crush, and a whole lot of growing pains, and Myles quickly discovers that truth really is stranger than fiction. What's more, people can be full of surprises, and as the saying goes, you can't always judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, especially when things are out of your control, the best thing you can do is chill out and go with the flow.

This is a story about change, friendship, and the transformative power of kindness. Oh yeah, it's also about llamas, too.

You can pre-order The Peculiar Language of Llamas at:

Thanks so much for stopping by. LIVE! LOVE! LLAMA!

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