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Introducing the SERVING UP A STORY podcast!

Well, I've been thinking about doing this for a year now, most likely a result of listening to so many podcasts these past two years. I don't know; there's something about the act of listening. I like it. Also, it's old-school! I think back to my mum's stories of war-time England when everyone sat around "the wireless," lost in stories. The mental slideshow you get when you listen to a story is so vivid, at least it is for me. I guess that's why I enjoy audiobooks so much. (They also allow me to multitask, which is always appreciated. We are, after all, busy people.)

Anyway, I'm so excited to have created the SERVING UP A STORY podcast - a place where we talk about the world of writing; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's brand new, but I'm enjoying this so much and am currently lining up some wonderful guests to interview. I'll keep you posted on that.

So, if you're a writer or hope to be, I hope you give the podcast a listen or two. You can find it on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Happy writing (and reading), everyone.

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