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Feeding the Creative Fire

It's different for everyone. Some people are inspired by music, other's by a run at sunrise, and some, by cooking up at gourmet extravaganza.

I like to do all of the above, except for running and cooking.

And sometimes I like to smoke a pipe. There's something about fire and smoke and full moons and a sky full of stars that opens my mind up to possibility. Yeah, it's a little bit woo-woo, but it works.

My husband is a wood artist and he recently carved me a Writer's Pipe for my birthday. It's a real work of art. And today he gifted me my own pipe tobacco, special ordered from...I'm not sure where. Inspired by my full moon smokes, the tobacco is called CULT - Red Blood Moon, and it's all about the cherry!

I can't wait until March 8/9th, the next full moon. I've been writing like crazy these past two weeks so I'll no doubt be in need of some extra inspiration by then.

Happy writing to all my fellow wordsmiths.

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