Is your novel giving you grief? Are your characters falling flat? Has your plot twist turned into a nasty tangle? Maybe it's all those commas that are killing you, or perhaps you need of an emergency semi-colonoscopy? If you answered yes to any of those questions, maybe I can help you. Because there's nothing I like more than polishing words. (I equate it to putting the icing on the cake!)

So, what do you think? Let's get that story of yours off your desk and out into the world. 






What does all that mean?


I get asked this question quite a lot. And it's a good one. I'll try to sum it up for you here:




Stylistic or line editing ($40/hr) is a type of work that focuses more on content than commas. This kind of editing looks at the language you are using to tell your tale. Does the narrative flow? Will your story resonate emotionally with readers? Does your dialogue ring true? Are you using too many metaphors, clichés or repeating words?


When I do this kind of work, it’s a line-by-line process. I use track changes to edit and make comments, and in the end, you will have a document you can refer to while you go about polishing your story.


I love this kind of editing, and I drink a LOT of coffee while I’m doing it. (Two cream; one sugar.)

So, a 60,000 - word manuscript divided by 250 words = a standard page count of 240 pages.

A thorough line edit of a manuscript of this length would cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $640 – $1,280 CAD.



Copyediting ($40/hr), on the other hand, is more of a technical process. This is the kind of editing that embraces all things grammatical with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. It involves the correct usage of commas, parenthesis, ellipses, semi-colons italicization and quotes. A good copyedit will correctly reference song titles, books, dead people; that kind of thing. Think of it as really intense proofreading. A copyeditor will also word hard to catch inconsistencies. For example, your character could sit down on a red chair at the beginning of a scene, and a minute later, rise from the couch. It's the copyeditor's job to catch that blunder. 

There is some variation in this fee, as it depends on how clean your copy is. Therefore, my fee for copyediting your 60,000-word manuscript would work out to be somewhere between $500 - $900 CAD.



My full manuscript evaluation ($40/hr) involves a thorough read of the novel while taking notes regarding theme, title, voice, structure, flow, dialogue, character development, etc.


You will also receive a 5-8-page written evaluation. This kind of editing is a good way to catch major structural flaws before you tackle your second draft.


The average 60,000 to 80,000-word manuscript takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to read. The written evaluation includes in-depth notes and thoughts regarding plot, characterization, pacing and flow. A full manuscript evaluation will cost a flat rate of $500 CAD.



A Partial Manuscript Evaluation ($40/hr) involves a thorough read-through of the first 50 pages of your novel. This works out to be roughly12,500 words. The reading will include notes on details such as theme, title, premise, opening, genre, voice, style, format, flow, tense, dialogue, plot, character development, setting, writing habits, size, and overall strengths and weaknesses. (Phew!) This option results in a 1 to 3-page written evaluation which focuses on the first quarter of the story, with suggestions for improvement.

The average evaluation of a 50-page manuscript takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. This involves a fairly detailed critique. 


A partial manuscript evaluation costs approximately $120 to $240 CAD.

*All prices are in CAD*


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