Hello, fellow writers of young adult fiction. Thanks for stopping by.


So, are you here because your novel is giving you some grief? Are your characters are suddenly falling flat? Has your plot twist turned into a nasty tangle? Maybe it's all those commas that are killing you, or perhaps you're in need of an emergency semi-colonoscopy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you. Because there's nothing I like more than polishing prose. (I equate it to putting the icing on the cake.)

Here is the sort of editing I like to take on:




What does all that mean?



Line or stylistic editing ($40/hr) looks at the language you are using to tell your tale. Does your narrative flow? Will your story resonate emotionally with your readers? Does your dialogue ring true? Are you using too many metaphors, clichés, or repeating words?


When I do this kind of work, it’s a line-by-line process. I use track changes to edit and make comments, and in the end, you will have a document you can refer to as you go about polishing your story.


I love this kind of editing, and I drink a LOT of coffee while I’m doing it. (Two cream... one sugar.)




Copyediting is all about grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. In addition to ensuring all your semi-colons and parenthesis are where they ought to be, a good copyeditor will also look for consistency throughout your manuscript. For example, are you using both British or American English spelling randomly throughout your pages? Ooops… you don’t want to do that! Nor do you want to include incorrect information in your story. Are the historical events and place names you’ve mentioned correct? What about that famous Carl Jung quote you included on page 43. Is it legit? Not to worry; a competent copyeditor will sort that sort of thing out for you, too.

I charge $40/hr for this kind of editing.



A partial manuscript evaluation ($40/hr) involves a thorough read-through of the first 50 pages of your novel. This works out to be roughly 12,500 words. The evaluation will include notes regarding theme, title, premise, opening, voice, style, flow, tense, dialogue, character development, setting, and overall strengths and weaknesses. (Phew!) This evaluation will include a written evaluation focusing on the first quarter of your story, along with suggestions for possible improvement.

A partial manuscript evaluation costs approximately $120 to $200 CAD.


Are you and I going to be a good fit? Well, there's only one way to find out. Send me the first couple of pages of your novel (roughly 500 words), and I'll provide you with a free sample edit. Easy as Sunday morning!



*All prices are in CAD*